Why Use WordPress for a Site

wordpressIf you have been thinking what type of content management system you should use for your site, consider WordPress. Why? Mainly, because it is a powerful platform that can build almost any type of site and is free to use.

Some of the highlights of WordPress CMS are:

  • Ease of use as it doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge of html or css
  • Open source project which is largely developed by the contributions of the community surrounding it who improve the software and test it before the new versions are released.
  • Millions of sites are powered by wordpress which consists of a large community of designers, developers, testers and users.
  • Functionality in the use of themes and plugins to build just about any conceivable type of website.
  • Low start-up costs as you can basically start a wordpress site with just the cost of a domain name & hosting, utilizing free wordpress themes and plugins to create your site. And if you have a specific requirement such as a premium product to invest in, then you are paying only for what you exactly need and nothing more.
  • Scalability in that wordpress has basically no ceiling so what works for you today can work even if there is considerable growth
  • More than a blogging platform as it is even used for web apps and the sky is the limit with its unlimited flexibility and expansibility
  • Great opportunities for people to create a career with wordpress, whether as a blogger, designer, developer, writer and more.

Make your new or next site, a wordpress one and you will be glad you did!

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